Apaches Rally For Obama
Many leaders of the White Mountain Apaches and the Hopi Tribal Chairman gave moving endorsements of Barrack Obama for President at a rally in Whiteriver sponsored by the Fort Apache Democrats.

Past Chairman Dallas Massey ripped into Republican candidate John McCain for failing to visit or assist the tribe in the aftermath of the devastating Rodeo-Chediski fire.

Councilman Noland Clay spoke passionately about Obama’s pledges to Indian Country, including improvements for the Indian Health Service and education. Full Story

McCain VP Attempts To Deny Native American Sovereignty

In less than two years as governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin has attacked Native Americans, attempting to take away their fishing and hunting rights, as well as their sovereign rights over Indian children.

She has also attacked the use of Native American languages, and denied voting rights to Native Americans. Full Story

Bush Proposal Would Further Cut Indian Health

The Indian Health Service, long funded at less than half of the true need, would be further cut under a proposal from the Bush Administration.

While funding for Medicare and other health care programs rise at a rapid rate, the current administration has decided that Indians can get by on $21 million less despite high inflation in health care.

“The President’s FY 2009 budget request for the IHS is perhaps the worst budget submission for the Agency in at least fifteen years,” says a highly respected study done in cooperation with multiple tribes by the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board.

While it costs $3,903 to care for other non-elderly people in public health care programs nationwide, the IHS is expected to get by on $2,130 per person.
Full Analysis

Tell us about how you feel. Is it fair that Indians receive only about half the $4,000 spent on non-Indians in public health care? Comment

Navajo County Recorder

Number to call to get mail-in ballots: 800 668-3867

Members of the White Mountain Apache Tribe registered to vote on Native American Right to Vote Day, July 15, with the help of ApachesVote.org and the White Mountain Democrats.

Our Project

ApachesVote.org is working to register voters on the White Mountain Apache Reservation and increase voter turnout. The Reservation, larger than Rhode Island and Delaware, and half the size of Connecticut, boasts 10 registered Democrats for every one registered Republican. The Reservation is a key battleground in Democratic efforts to win the first congressional district in Arizona, one of the best hopes for Democrats to add to their House majority in 2008.

We have mined data sources to produce a list of 9,899 names and 7,416 addresses on the Reservation. We will be scrubbing and validating these lists over the next couple of weeks.

We will then compare these lists electronically with the 5,130 registered voters in the seven precincts on the reservation to determine who is not registered.

We need contributions to help pay for the mailings and personal visits to the unregistered.

ApachesVote.org is an independent committee involved in voter registration and voter turnout and does not endorse particular candidates or take positions on Arizona ballot issues.


What issues are most important to White Mountain Apaches

Should we publish names of registered voters?

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